AWS Managed Services – Infrastructure Operations Management for the Enterprise

I have read through all of the information AWS have just released on AWS Managed Services…

If you are looking to get rid of IT Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) who don’t know what they are doing – this is the start.

AWS Announcement –

It had to happen as most MSP’s are simply rubbish at migrating and supporting cloud environments (and on-prem for that matter).

Note this does not apply to application management – reading the blurb AWS will go after anything else.

If you are paying an MSP in the future for stuff on AWS this is probably what they will use underneath – good idea for a business model… (note to self).

Its an interesting move because just providing compute you are not chewed up in the overhead of managed services for a customer – which is for the best part a costly nightmare as no one is very efficient or even effective at it.

Here are some pictures of non AWS managed services just so we know what we are paying for… Guys in shirts and ties who are good at pointing at hardware.


I am really keen to see how this works in practice as this could really disrupt the IT managed services industry.

IT managed services needs another player to root out the woeful ‘service’ provided by the likes of big blue and their ilk, which is now somehow acceptable. Enterprises face living with cheap low skilled IT resource to deliver managed services against an undeliverable contract the MSP’s sales team pitched at rock bottom – is this the tonic?

Cloud coming in was already hitting MSP’s margins for renting out data center compute who were in cloud denial – this will now chew into the fat they charge you per engineer. Well, the 0.08 of an engineer you get because your managed services provider leverages and sweats the assets…

If AWS nail this and provide decent engineers who know what they are doing then this is big.

The downside – AWS eveything!

What will Microsoft do in response?

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