Router Speed vs Actual Internet Speed Project

I got broadband installed in December 2016 which was appallingly slow. So I thought how could I log the speed I am getting to show the ISP how bad it is?

I needed to graph out what the speed is because everyone loves a graph.

I looked online for graphs and found this article on logging temperature from a Raspberry Pi (which is what I would be using as the machine). It uses googles javascript graphing – awesome.

I needed to get the router speed – this was not straight forward. The speed was behind an authenticated page. Hurrmmm.


Once you are in you get the connection speed in this table…


I read some articles about mechanize & cookielib to get through authentication into the page, then I used beautiful soup to get the connection speed row.

I then built a page which puts the value into a sqlite database, then it reads the values to render a google javascript graph.

This is the first graph…


It worked!!


However, a friend said it would be better if i got the actual speed.

I found some articles online where someone had set their twitter account to tweet their ISP – the code is available on github here. They were making use of the Ookla CLI – great.

I found this slightly better tutorial here which was written in bash. So I got the output from that bash scrip on a 15 minute cron job to output to a text file.

The text file then gets read and appended with the router speed to create the graph.

This is the finished article. The blue router speed is the ISP’s router speed and the red line is the Ookla CLI actual speed.


Notice the bump up after I phoned them? Its March and this is still ongoing with NowTV who are part of Sky.

So all up a decent solution to use in my complaint with my ISP.


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